Highfolk Adventuring Companies

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Company Name Sponsor PC Contact  Reality Name Number

Blades of Vengeance Highfolk Town Council Sovall Michael Born 1
Brotherhood of Blood Selderaine Pantheon Lithian Pete Jensen 2
The Stonehouse Adventuring Company Guilds of Nareebo Mordiana Paul Eserklan 3
Green Band Church of Elhonna Kathalto Lucas Eckels 4
The Girls of the Valley Highfolk Town Council Minda Nughtshade Mark Mastej 5
The Gnomish Hordes of the Apocolypse The Consortium Glimsham Frebotnilk Kevin Connolly 6
The House of the Crimson Thorn Highfolk Town Council Lady Fuschia Heather VanBuren 7
Unknown Church of Elhonna Silverleaf Pete Kost 8
The Right Hand of the Forest Church of Elhonna Silithane Forestshadow Nick Glawtschew 9
Knights of the Autumn Highfolk Town Council Kylorin Cormiantaer Craig Collins 10
The End of Our Rope The Consortium Meatroller Greg Plambeck 11
Brothers of the Shield (Anti-Prophet Tribe) Merchant Guild Frikk Scott Furlong 12
The Jade Defenders of the Vesve Church of Elhonna Wang-Lo Treehugger Todd Thorpe 13
The Grand Inquisitors of Gildenhand Guild of the High Art Pontiac Milestone III Greg Plambeck 14
Guardians of the Highvale Highfolk Town Council Disbanded
The Black Scales Guild of the High Art Hemathet Westwood Seth Bruch 16
The Sylvan Guard Church of Elhonna Aramil Paul Tuck 17
The Holocaust Guard The Consortium Lilly the Witty Robert Schmidt 18
The Blackbottom Clan The Consortium Silas Nadian Richard Brown 19
A Flock of Heroes Highfolk Town Council Cleaver Leonard S. Dessert 20
Sons of Furyondy The Consortium Chumash Atis Kleinbergs 21
Raging Talons Highfolk Town Council Tharivol Iilphunkiir Brian Klement 22
Company of the Blackwands Guild of the High Art Disbanded Disbanded 23
Verdant Reclaimers Temple of Elhonna Disbanded
Ever-Burning Sentinels of the Vesve Selderaine Pantheon Disbanded Disbanded 25
Flyers of the Elven Kite The Consortium Malin Celandoel Matt Larson 26

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