Highfolk Adventuring Companies

Version 3.0 (new)
*Annual expenditure of 2 TU and 200 gp.
*One permanent Influence Point with your patron.
*Access to Cooperative Spell and Dual Strike.
*Access to two spells of 5th level or lower from the builder books.
*Access to one magic item depending on your patron.
   Guildsmen of the High Art - Belt of Many Pouches (T&B)
   Church of Ehlonna - Fey Arrow (A&EG)
   Followers of the Seldarine Pantheon - Bowstaff (A&EG)
   Patron's Guild of Norebo - Dust of Dissapearance
   Merchant's Guild of Highfolk - Possum Pouch (T&B)
   Gnomish Consortium - Ring of Misdirection (A&EG)
   Highfolk Town Council - Circlet of Persuasion
*Special Benefit to Stonehouse Adventuring Company.
   Access to one true ressurection per year with expenditure of 1 TU and 100 gp.

Questions? Contact Rydia Q. Vielehr or Ben Harris.

Version 2.0
Magical Item Selection : All Adventuring Companies gain access to one (and only one) jank magical item chosen at creation from the following list:

* Jank Everburning Torch
* Dust of Tracelessness
* Dust of Illusion
* Necklace of Prayer Beads (blessing)
* Scarab of Golembane (flesh)
* Dust of Dryness
* Eyes of the Eagle
* Goggles of Minute Seeing
* Pearl of Power (1st power)
* Phylactery of Faithfulness
* Circlet of Superior Seduction (Stonehouse only) **

Once chosen, this item cannot be changed.

For new Adventuring Companies formed (new) each member seeking to join an adventuring company must make a one time expenditure of a 4 tu for training and acclimating oneself to the company's unique style.  He or she must also pay a one time 200 gp cost to the company patron.

**  This item is out of the upcoming Fiend Folio.

  Circlet of Superior Seduction: This finely made silver circlet is embedded with six diamonds.  It gives the wearer a +4 to Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate skill checks.  Each time a diamond is used it lets you cast Monstrous Thrall (from DotF) only on a member of the opposite sex.  Once used, the diamond crumbles away.  After all the diamonds are used, the circlet loses its magical abilities but remains a valuable item worth 1000 gp.
  Caster level: 17th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, eagle's splendor, monstrous thrall; Market Price:  150,570 gp; Weight: -.

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