The Stonehouse Adventuring Company

Sponser: The Patron's Guild of Nareebo
Contact: Mordianna
Creation: 10/7/00
Number: 3

Mordianna (Paul Eserkaln 152624)
Skerrit the Green (Greg Marks 813701)
Jascha (Jason Chandler 819856)
Lyrial (Alex Kiedrowicz 814070)
Ryndilee (Andrea Paulinski 339918)
Wynda (Ben Harris 159284)
"Barb" (Jesse Kindwall 464376)
Ukyo (Brian Farmer 430751)

Releshi (Toni Winslow 444279)

Feats: Acrobatic, Seduction*
Spells: Briar Web, Mass Resist Elements

*New Feat out of the Upcoming Epic Book

Prereq: Cha 13+, 10 ranks in Bluff, Diplomacy or Intimidate
Benefit: Any social skills with the opposite gender receive a +4 bonus.
            Any spells cast on the opposite gender receive a +4 increase in the DC.

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