Adventuring Company General Guidelines
Version 1.0, October 3, 2000

Adventuring Companies consist of a number of players banded together for mutual benefit and recognition.  Groups may consist of no more than ten members, one of which is designated as the group contact and leader.  The individual is responsible for answering all inquiries as to the group's status and history.  The contact is also responsible for keeping all the paperwork in order and resolving in-group problems.  The benefits of the adventuring company are many.  First and foremost is recognition.  First-run event narratives will always be pooled from adventuring companies first if possible.  Adventuring companies receive a discount with their chosen patron influence category.  Companies may also have pooled resources available to all members who play at a table with the company.  All of these benefits as well as general rules and guidelines are listed below.  All questions concerning adventuring companies should first go through the Adventuring Company Liaison, who can be found on the Highfolk website at

? Players may have no more than one of their characters in any given company.
? Players may have multiple characters in adventuring companies so long as they all belong to separate companies.
? A player may only be the group contact for a maximum of one company.
? Company members may donate items and gold to the company treasury at any time, however fame and influence points must be donated to the company at the time that they are awarded.
? A Company may only play any given module once.  While members not present for the official company table may still play the module, it has no effect on the company.  Influence and fame cannot be donated to a company from a table that is not the official company attempt at the module.
? Adventuring companies must keep a separate company log sheet.  These log sheets along with any company certs must be present at every table the company plays.  The table judge must sign this log sheet for each event played.
? Any items owned by the company may be divided amongst players at the table in any way the company decides, so long as the items are returned to the company at the end.  If they are not returned then they must be considered traded to the character.
? If an adventuring company disbands, all certs, log sheets, and roosters must be turned in to the Adventuring Company Liaison.  The Liaison will redistribute the items to the players as they wish so long as all members agree.  The Liaison or the Wisconsin Triad will handle all disputes.
? Adventuring Companies are exclusive to Wisconsin at this time.  Modules played outside of Wisconsin may or may not recognize the company status and benefits.  The table judge or local Triad will determine this.

These rules are subject to change without notice.  Produced by Jason Bulmahn, Point of Contact for the Wisconsin Triad.  October 3, 2000.  For copies of the Adventuring Company Roster and log sheet as well as contact info for the Adventuring Company Liaison, please visit

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