Guardians of the Highvale

Sponser: Highfolk Town Council
Contact: Keldan Thass
Creation: 9/6/01
Disbanded: 5/20/04

Number: 15

Keldan Thass (Paul Thompson 831738)
Davidar (David Carlson 834852)
Vance Rezak (Chris Hussey 416284)
Andrinor (Rick LaRue 800399)
Alahandra (Scott Nelson 822448)
Hubbell (Jeff Papas 487924)
Yanesh (Shayne Schelinder 831371)
Morloch (Gregg Swartwoudt 842752)

Feats: Chink in the Armor, Broken Persistant Spell
Spells: Briar Patch, Owl's Wisdom

* This company has been disbanded. As such, these pcs are not
allowed to join or form a new Adventuring Company.

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