MIT Shakespeare Ensemble presents:

The Winter's Tale

This page is dedicated to Andy and all his sexy women.    Andy fixing Cat's hair!    Andy and his love slave, Bob    Once again, pictures like these are NOT my fault.    Quoth Andy: I'm not gay! I like men and women equally!

So Polixines really had an affair with Leontes, eh?    Eep!    We're from Libya!    Why does John torture us so?    Doricles and Perdita    We look just alike! =)

...psst...lets go singing...    Speed stripping!!!    Lick it good! Into shape! Shape it up!    The new dance number!    More breakdancing action!

In deep meditation one comes in contact with their inner Paulina.    I wonder if this makes it click...    Preview for Life of Brian        Never sleep while a digital camera is at work.

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Winter Black Mail

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