MIT Shakespeare Ensemble presents:

The Winter's Tale

The Cast    Leontes: Are my subjects *supposed* to act like this...?    Jazz Hands, people!    Hot Production Staff Action!

Cat, the Homework Goddess and her pesonal lord    Take my wife, please!    This rod is very tasty.    Backstage Blues

Arghhh, the stress of being a King seducing his brother's wife in secret...    Think MANLY lipstick, Sarah    Fix dat hair, girlfriend!    Poor, sad, lonely, Paulina...

Damn Old Age!    Look! It's Flopsa!        Kim looks so excited, doesnt she ;)

Getting ready to be falsely accused...    A proud mother    Woman in White with Sword Part One    Woman in White with Sword Part Two

    Oh ya, baby. You know we da men.    A Lovely Sheepsheering Family

What a lovely beard that is :P    Thievery at its best!    You are, sir, a gentlemen born.

Winter Page Two  Winter Page Three

Winter Black Mail

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