PACE Players present:

A Sorcerer's Apprentice

Fear the crystal ball...Dont drop it!What's that over there? Is it a magic pink bunny?Confused actors at workNow my pretty! You shall be mine forever!

Goblins goblins everywhere!I hate it when planes fly overhead during performances...Sign your soul over right we burn it away.

Magic Hat of DoomMagic Tricks 101Hocus PocusWhee Hee Hee! I am a giggly magic school boy!!!

Mine!!!Water: The only hope for keeping hot actors alive.I wonder how long I can keep Dragonwing in here...I want that orange.Someday heads will take over the universe...

Dance Brooms Dance!!!Dance FOREVER!!!Is it wrong to give away magic tricks before the show starts?Directors. Cant act with them. Cant act without them.

Version 1.00001 1/7/02 
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