Lady Starfire Divine's Code of  Honor

  As a faithful and law-abiding citizen of Ravens Bluff, I, Lady Starfire Divine *hair toss* have vowed to follow the ways of the Golden Rooster.  Perfection in looks, honor to all knighthoods, and protection to the city.

             As a dedicated worshipper of Sune, I vow to fight for love, justice, and purity. I swear to uphold the laws of Ravens Bluff and be devout in my following of Sune. I will defend the weak, the innocent, and most importantly, the Beautiful!

Knightly Honors:
Gold Sword (Knights Moves), Fellowship Ring (Deep Blue Sea)

Chivalry Points:
A Beautiful Day (healing a dwarf), Destrier's Despair (returning horses), Dragon's Deep (defeating a shadow dragon), Squire's First Errand (helping a Dove Knight remain peaceful)

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