See Super Chicken'z Majik Itemz


One day Kyla Kon was walking through the streets of Ravens Bluff and she noticed a myriad of contests.  Being an adventurer herself, she decided to enter a "troubleshooter's contest."  This competition had several different boxes with several different keys.  The idea was to find a diamond in one of them... after a few minutes, she decided which key would help open which box.  Much to her dismay, she didn't succeed on her first attempt to open the last box.

However, in her depression, she did notice a small Golden Chicken Action Figurine at all the booths.  Hmmm... "That'z shiny..." Kyla proceeded to do what she does best, and "collect" the object.

That summer, she went to the Ravens Bluff Harbor and noticed the Ravens Bluff Animal Shelter.  "Hey - why don't I buy a chicken and dress it up like this figurine?"  She decided to do just that!  After waiting for what seemed an eternity, she got to the front of the line.
I'd like to purchase an Attack Chicken!" she boldly stated to the man at the desk.
"I'm sorry," he replied, "The only attack animals we have are dogs and..."
The light in Kyla's eyes dimmed with sadness; her whole effort had been in vain!
"Oh please, I'll do anything," she begged, "I have money!  I'll take good care of it!  I promise!  I'll start a chicken farm so it'll have friends... anything!"
After a few moments of begging, the man began to understand the trauma of this poor girl's heart.
"Anything for you," he stated.

AND THAT, my friends, is how Super Chicken came to be.
Kyla has done everything she promised to do.  Super Chicken is the best outfitted chicken in all the Vast.  In a strange incident of luck, Kyla won some land in Maerstar and will be starting a Chicken Farm there (in addition to a "Merchant's Guild.")

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