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Prizmal Dayz '00
January 12th - 14th, 2001
1025 North Broadway
Milwaukee, WI
3rd Floor of Doom

Events Line-Up
Day Friday Saturday Saturday Saturday Sunday Sunday
Slot 1 2 3 4 5 6
Time 7 PM 10 AM 3 PM 8 PM 10 AM 3 PM
Event Ladies Night
Mirror Maker Rd. 1
Mirror Maker
Rd. 2
Pure Evil
Dragon's Honor
Vast Shadows

Event Descriptionz

Ladies Night
A mysterious lady wearing the armor, shield and symbols of an ancient all-women order of Knights is recruiting for an unknown mission that affects the future of Ravens Bluff. Unfortunately, she will not divulge any information. At the same time, women all over Ravens Bluff have been disappearing. Are the incidents connected? Female PCs preferred. An adventure for tiers 1-5.(Living City)

Mirror Maker
Heroes are needed to go giant hunting. Along the way there is a mystery to be solved, elves to visit, and devious traps to avoid. This is an adventure for tiers 1-5 for haracters who enjoy roleplaying. (2 Round Living City)

Pure Evil
A desperate hamlet seeks salvation from a marauding menace on a murdering rampage. An adventure for tiers 1-4. (Living City)

Dragon's Honor
From Waterdeep the prophecy drives you to Westgate where the third key to the puzzle might be. Once there you find that that politics are not all they are cracked up to be. Especially when you find yourself caught in the middle of a conflict that you did not start. In order to succeed however, you and a new found friend must put a stop to it... This is a 2 Time Unit event. Part 4 in the Cycle of Dragons Series. (Living City)

Vast Shadows
Part Three of the Corrupter Series: Hlintar farmers are in trouble. With the bandit army blockade still in full force, the town is starving. Can you penetrate the blockade and then find out what is withering all the crops and live stock? An adventure for tiers 1-6. (Living City)

Event Costz

Event Fees: $5 per round ($4 for MAGE people) or $25 weekend  ($20 for MAGE)


Thanks to all the judges! :)
Cory Brosnan, Kevin Connolly, Greg Dreher, Brian Farmer, Garth, Ben Harris, Alex Kiedrowicz, Andrea Paulinski, Michelle Palmer, Jay Savage, Todd Thorpe, Rydia Q. Vielehr, Scott Withington

Event Winners

Ladies Night
Michelle Palmer, Nick Glavenfunkel, Oren Satov, Rita Rivera-Wyvers, Jason Chandler

Mirror Maker Rd 1
Nick Glavenfunkel, Brad Ruby, Oren Satov, Scott Buchan, Rydia Q. Vielehr

Mirror MakerRd 2
Phil Tobin, Dave "Evil" Krolnik, Mark Junk, Scott Buchan, Harry Webber 

Pure Evil
Phil Tobin, Chris Tulach, Kevin Connolly, Ben Harris, Jason Sanford, Alex Kiedrowicz

Dragon's Honor
David "Evil" Krolnik, Garth, Chris Tulach, Michelle Palmer

Vast Shadows of Death & Destruction
Jason Sanford, Calvin Fort, Alex Kiedrowicz, Barratt Moy, Cory Brosnan, Andrea Paulinkski

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