Grrr... Grubnik!The Tam Man is Cool, babycheeksSunglasses is where it'z at, boyyyyyyLC Directors: Hot man on man action!Death to Corky!Dice: A Gamer's Best Friend

Bookkeeping 101: Adventure CertsBWAHAHAHA No living for you!Damn Canadians ;)The Bok Beast will always haunt us... Be afraid...ARGH! Another puzzle...

The Thief of the LG AC has Collected his Newest Weapon.And now for another... deep thought...But it says Good at combat on my character sheet...Gorbac listen to pretty lady.Half-orc... SMASH!

Corrupt dealings... Excellent.We like to drink! =)Candy Wrappers of Spiffy SleepingSoon the LG Universe will suffer OUR WRATH!!! Wait. It already does.The Most Powerful Cert Ever

Flanking at its best.Do we HAVE to save the mayor again? I like him as a shiny object!Organized Play booth soon to be on fire by happy LC members.A Gallant in His BestWas it wrong of me to take this pic?

Do people ever craft anything but Stat Boosting Items and Vorpal Sunblades?Fear the mini baby, fear it...O-O-Oreo!Certs: Low Calorie, High Power GamingOh no! The fearsome Gigantic Crawling Claw is attacking!