*Sigh* Jason wins... AGAIN. Andrea, cant you beat him again?    Look at us! We're High Level!   Who got the best LG Adventuring Company Around, baby... 

How many winner's certs did you burn to kill the dragon?    Fear us and our 4th level characters!    Must collect LG certs... Must powergame... MWAHAHA!    Soon they shall all DIE!!!    Yes, I know I failed to kill any of them.

    :)    Wow. Conversion staff looks REAL happy.    I wonder if an 18 is good enough for that disintigrate save...    Must... Stay... Awake... Must Game...

Winter Fantasy Fashions    YOU!!! ME???    Ewoks Ewoks Everywhere     Glum gets all the girls!

Ravens Bluff Temptresses    If anyone knows this kind gentlemen, please contact me.    New Familiar Spotted in RavensBluff. New in next Trumpeter!    Remind me to Flamestrike him... ; )

RavensBluff... Much Better than Procampur. Look at the women!    I bet he's from Thay.    Oh, Look at how excited lil' Jim is...    Surely these pants help Brian pick up all the chicks.    Behold! The power of CHEESE! Oh wait... this isnt MSR... this is Living Greyhawk... Behold... the power of a blue dragon! As it Breathes upon you!

Gonna roll a 20... Gonna crit...    John knows it's GOOD to be a paladin with those insane saves.    Yes Adam, I FINALLY put this picture up *smile*

Dont hurt poor little me!!!    This pic goes out to all you Californians.    The Connolly Bros. In Pictures    Not even commenting on this one.