Smiling before the sneak attack.        I am archmage. Fear me.    Look into my eyes... Realize the great axe crit.        I want me some of that!    
Bread and Istishia. What more do you need?        Arm the spelljammers! To the moon!    Eh... Grubnik!    You realize that entering the Temple of Elemental Evil means you have abandoned all hope, right?    
Let's go Zedd! Flank Roland!    Nod, smile, and wave... that's all you can do on one hour sleep.    Should I use the +1 Holy Flaming Greataxe or my Spoon of Annihilation?    Assasin shadowdancers. The only way to stalk.    Yes, half the adventurers in Ravens Bluff have white poofy hair.
Awww... dont they make such a cute couple???    No! Dont take my soul!    Rick... hiding from angry LC Gamers... and Erik... secretly hiding his magic missile gun...    Jean & Bruce =)    Smile while you're still alive... mwahaha...
Teehee. We like to giggle.    Highfolk Triad: Chris, Jason, Skerrit... and Andrea!    Mmm... tearing certs...    Larry Douglas, work of art    Cert Cert Cert... Cert Cert Cert... Shake that Cert... <to the song Shake That Booty>
    Just listen to me Malik and everything will be okay...    No! Anything but the spork!!!    Begging for mercy is a difficult thing...    I am the ultimate powergamer!!!
Is that a cert on the ground?    Lori & Steve look so excited dont they ;)    Liquid = Good Thing    To torture Sean... or not to torture Sean...    This is what I call... TOTAL INSANITY    Writing a love letter using the Ravens Bluff Messenger Service...