I feel sorry for the High Level Table that had to play here...    Angry Judge    Happy Judge! Burned Certs!    Caption A) This your module. This is your module on Chris.  Caption B) Chris Kills.  Caption C) Friends don't let friends do Chris.

Is it bad when the judge is giggling with glee?    Yes, Glavo has no brains.    Mud Wrestling with Young Boys (Cory, how much did you pay them???)

Why does the bar only serve Elf Water?    Cory looking for new talent. He likes them young.    Costume Galore

Some guys just get all the chicks...    Mmm. Tasty Rat.    Always be suspicious of the mayor.    What happens when you either A) Smoke Crack B) Play/Run a 12 hour high level

Kyla and Zedd    Rel and Alzandreo... Al, did you become a shadowdancer?    Mordo and Dawn, great minds drink alike

Iuz takes his weapon of destruction.    Dwarven Axe Throwers UNITE!!!    Never get in the way of a woman with an axe...

Last three pictures credited to Jesse Oschner and Skerrit.
Axes provided by Dan Hurda.