Where did the phrase "acceptable losses" come from?
Why does Kyla run in fear when she sees the smallest, little spider?
Why in the @#%& does Kyla only have twelve life levels?

Answer: an adventure into one of the deadliest temples of all time.

One bright sunny day, Kyla and her two bests friends, Ragnar Haardrickson and Sir Grathian Ashe, decided to go on a dungeon crawl with some other companions whom they had never met.  Upon decending into an abandon Temple of Lloth, the party was viciously attacked by a plethora of wood-spiders! These terrible creatures inflicted much damage upon the party, so much in fact, that the next room was Fireballed and the door shut - burning any possible threats (and treasure) in there.

Well, the party came upon a long passage with ten doors on each side and a final doorway at the end.  Being the good "collecter" she is, Kyla wanted to carefully search and loot every room.  After only two doors, the whole party except Charles Andrew Stuart, grew tired of this and proceeded down the passage.  Kyla and Charles continued to search; soon, much arguing could be heard down the hallway.  It seems that Chelsea Thistlewythe-Stuart, an extremely psychopathic priest, had a met a ghost.  She was trying to disturb this innocent soul in his research.

Eventually, Kyla finished her search and found some strange obsidian thieve's picks and a copper dragon necklace.  When her and Charles joined the rest of the group, they saw Chelsea arguing with the ghost.  Growing weary of this argument, Kyla and her faithful companion Ragnar decided to proceed through a new door.  Upon entering, the door quickly shut and they were surprised by vampiric-phase spiders, a scary thing indeed!  They screamed for help, but to no avail - they tried to defend themselves, but Kyla couldnt help but get touched by the abominations THREE TIMES!!!  Unknown to them, a fight had broken out between Chelsea, the  rest of the party, and the ghost.  Eventually, Kyla and Ragnar got the door open and began to flee the dungeon with Sir Grathian.

"Well, these are acceptable losses!" Sir Grathian shouted referring to Chelsea and the rest of the party.
For no reason whatsoever... her, Lord Greendale Meadowfield, Gregory, adn Charles decided to keep messing with the cursed ghost!?!
Many were aged; Kyla, Ragnar, and Sir Grathian were not among them.

To say the least... after feeling her life energy drained away and experiencing the Abyss, Kyla was thoroughly stunned and horrified.

Moral: Spiders have the power to kill... or do even wore... ENERGY DRAINS!!!
Stay away from them.

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