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Why would someone fear a color???
Well, behind every illogical question there's an illogical answer.

Purple is, plain and simple, evil.

   One day Kyla and a band of adventurers whom she had never met before were hired by a mage.  He bade them to go and deliver a treasure chest full of valuable supplies to a group of friendly troops desperately in need.

 Cautiously, the group entered a series of caves.  Like the good stealth artist she is, Kyla went in the rear, to make sure nothing surprised them.  As luck may have it, a surprise attack did occur... and Kyla was surprised (despite her Observation, Alertness and 18 Dex... damn di roles)!

     An emmense purple worm, the size of purple worms in legend, attacked and swallowed the poor defenseless woman.  Fortunately, Kyla didn't die immediately from the poison gas... but she was trapped inside a writhing, fleshy mass of poisonous purple worm!!!

Her party members hacked away for rounds at the foul beast, trying desperately to save their companion. At long last, the minute before Kyla was going to die, they annihilated the abomination.

                 From that moment forward, Kyla knew that purple was an evil color. How else could a mere worm be so powerful if it was not for the color of it???

 Kyla solemnly vowed to destroy all that was purple... purchasing every purple cloth and purple object in sight and BURNING THEM!!! To cleanse the city of Ravensbluff and Mossbridges and Maerstar, Kyla would elminate all purple!!! (Procampur, on the other hand, should suffer from the foul color!!!)

Moral: Anything purple should be destroyed IMMEDIATELY. no question.

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