Swirling Mist & Air Elementals

Module Responsible: Stairway to Heaven

Only a year after Kyla Kon started her adventuring career, she was summoned upon another mission of the uptmost importance (aren't they all???).  After a long and treachorous adventure, Kyla and her party were directed to the Temple of Kelemvor's graveyard.

The signs of evil were blaring - Kyla even thought she could see a sign that blinked "FINAL ENCOUNTER - DANGER AHEAD - FINAL ENCOUNTER" in the air. Nonetheless, the party boldly strode forward into the most unusual of swirling mists... almost as if they were from another dimension... dare to mention RAVENLOFT?!?

The party was promptly greeted by a myriad of foes: skeletons, zombies, evil priests, etc.

Kyla stepped forward to meet her first foe... a deadly skeleton. Round one: she misses, the skeleton misses.  Round two: the skeleton misses, she misses.  Round three: there could be a pattern here... to say the least, the two opponents wildly swang at each other and missed for almost the entire combat.

Kyla's companinons, however, were not so lucky.

The most powerful in the party were attacked by the evil priest and his invisible air elemental.  It proceeded to pick up and levitate half the party members and drop them from an obscene height.

By the time Kyla finally dealt with her skeleton, half the party was dead.  Not dead as in... in an amulet or slippin' down the negatives... Dead dead.

A brave warrior struck a final blow on the evil priest - the battle finally ended and the mists began to subside.

Terrified beyond belief, Kyla began to notice that only her and two of her companions remained standing.  Never before had Kyla experienced a loss of a party member... or MULTIPLE party members for that manner.  Surely, these mists and those damned air creature thingeys were to blame.

Luckily,  most of the dead party members were given an offer by Kelemvor.  He bade them to accept his "gift" and a mighty scythe scorched the air and passed mere fractions of air away from their animated bodies' throats.  Those who stood their ground were given a chance to live again... but as a priest of Kelemvor.

"What the @#$% kind of offer iz that???" Kyla thought.  "We almost get killed defending this damned cursed evil graveyard of doom and get killed and now this?!?  He practically chopped their headz off!"

In a state of complete fear, Kyla accepted her typical end-of-the-adventure award and headed home...
...hopefully never again to enter Kelemvor's graveyard or those swirling mists.

THAT is why Kyla hates swirling mists and air elementals.


That's not all! Kyla's been to Ravenloft two more times!

The last time (during The Witch of the Mist), half the party died once again!

Moral: mists are a blatant warning that death lies ahead.

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