Mystra and Kevnal Sonvas

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Often on her adventures, Kyla Kon would have stoneskins cast on Super Chicken for protection, an obvious advantage.  The money-grubbing, power-hungry, beast-creature known as Roland (second in command at the Temple of Mystra as Mossbridges) would charge a nominal fee of 1000 gold pieces for such a divine service.  Teaching his monetary ethics to his followers, Roland instructed a young apprentice named Kevnal Sonvas (high invoker at the Temple of Mystra) to do the same. So, when adventuring with Roland & Kevnal, Kyla would pay the fee to protect her familiar.

However, one time Kevnal suggested NOT to cast stoneskins on Super Chicken.

This confused Kyla greatly...
"Why would someone who worships Roland not want money?" she pondered.
"Oh No! The REAL Kevnal must have been kidnapped by a Doppleganger! I must eliminate this foul abomination!"

But alas, Kyla realized that this doppleganger of Kevnal was to difficult for her to defeat without the use of many magic items.  One time, she even sneaked over to his temple to discover his door was fire-trapped by and Extremely powerful mage.

So, Kyla set out to get a contract... to eliminate this doppleganger of Kevnal.
All she needs are 50 souls or 1000 gold pieces from 50 souls to eliminate this threat.
(see the Lloth section for more details)

Kevnal has proved his doppleganghood many times by threatening Super Chicken, saying he will cook her. As everyone know, ANYTHING Kevnal cooks turns up burned to a crisp (ie. his popcorn).

Moral: The doppleganger of Kevnal MUST be destroyed.
(also... Mystra is on probation for being Kevnal's Goddess)

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