Jean-Dorial Something or Other

Module Responsible: Meanstreets

For many years, Kyla had heard of some mythical high-powered adventurer named Jean-Dorial.  She had heard many wonderful stories from the parrot of the same name, who often made comments like: "Jean-Dorial has all the magic items in the world!" or "Jean-Dorial is a pretty bird!" or "Jean-Dorial has gold in his boots!"

Little did she know, this day when she arose from the Temple of Azuth that she would meet this foul evil beast.

"Wake up Kyla!" said Glavo Granlet, the high priest. "Check this note for traps!"

The note informed them they were to go to a party with some sketchy people and investigate some sort of crime.

When meeting up with the party, Kyla met a strange elf who introduced himself as "Jean-Dorial something or other, master of the blade, and shadowdancer."  "Shadowdancer," Kyla thought, "That sounds interesting."

Kyla and Jean-Dorial soon noticed some thieves running down an alley suspiciously, so they decided to follow them.  Jean-Dorial vanished from site and Kyla slipped into the shadows.

However, one party member had another idea.  They wanted to go shopping! =)

The dwarven priest of everchanging gods, Ka'Lib Goldweaver, decided to gate the most holiest (and popular) of creatures, a Solar named Aethelynmarr, to "make sure Kyla and Jean were okay."  Since Ka'Lib does not adventure much anymore, he would gladly become a slave for a half a year to Aethelynmarr.

Enter Jean and Kyla.  In total silence they examined a door the thieves had entered.  When suddenly, a GOLDEN HALO OF BRIGHT LIGHT (attached to a Solar) decided to boldly announce the two's presence.

"@#$%," said JD, "Can you turn that thing off?"

"TURN WHAT OFF!" said the Solar.


This clearly was not a good situation, Jean and Kyla thought. They needed to get rid of this Solar and fast.  They quickly gestured to each other and split off in two different directions.

Aethylynmarr boldly flew after Jean-Dorial.  He sent a glowing ball of light (Ghaele) after Kyla.

Kyla threw a dagger at the glowing ball of light, which quickly screamed in pain.

"You can talk?" Kyla questioned.

"Sure," it said.

"Can you turn the light off?"

"Ya, whatever."  Then Kyla stealthily returned to the door.

Jean-Dorial on the other hand, decided to use his broken power-gaming ability to Hide in Plain site.  Dismayed, the Solar cast the mysterious Discern Location.  Cursing again, JD strolled back to the party to yell at the summoner of the Solar.

After several derogatory remarks, the Solar decided to bless Jean-Dorial (so the party wouldn't lose site of him).  He cast a permanent faerie fire! What fun!  The dwarf then sent his solar home.

Many street urchins (and party members) were giggling with glee at the blue glowing elf.  "Why don't you dance, Mr. All mighty bladesinger?" one of them asked.

JD quickly agreed and proceeded to fall flat on his face in a pile of mud (go natural one!)

At this point, JD began a mumbling...

"Why dont I just lie here and DIE in the gutter..." he screamed.

This quickly lit up the eyes of many shady onlookers who proceeded to approach to loot his body.  After a moment more of random cursing he got up and proceeded with the rest of the party to the door.

JD, being the silly elf he is, kept forgetting his faerie fire gift and was trying to Hide in Plain Site.

"So, Mr. Shadowdancer," said the voice of god aka Scott Buchan, "How are you going to hide in plain site when you are glowing bright blue?"

Kyla, seeing the blue elf for the first time, fell over in a heap of giggles.

"Fine!" exclaimed JD, "I know how I can disappear!"  He proceeded to tug the strings on his robe and vanished from site.
There, he plotted his revenge on the poor innocent Kyla.  He shapechanged (a most dangerous act indeed), into a vicious faerie fired chicken hawk of doom, and flew out of his rope trick to attack Super Chicken! What fiend would ever do this!  Clearly, only a doppleganger trying to destroy the party.

Kyla quickly threw one dagger (as did the City Watch who was arriving, strategically late as usual).

Horribly injured, the blue hawk flew outside into the alley... directly between the blades of a few low level halflings with tiny miniscule insignifigant daggers.  He was quickly chopped down (being a weak and pathetic elf).

Kyla ran outside to see where the squawking was coming from, and to finish off this demonic threat.

"Bird down!" she happily shouted.

"Oh Azuth..." cried Glavo. He sighed and banged his head against the wall in exasperation, knowing he would not be able to get line of sight..

"Azuth, I'm sorry, but could you please Miracle to heal Jean-Dorial to full hit points, wherever he is."

And so, unfortunately, the doppleganger Jean-Dorial still roams this earth... always watching Kyla from his eerie blue shadows...


Moral: Beware that which is a blue chicken.

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