Module Responsible: The Rock
PCz Responsible: Ragnar Haardrickson, Mayumi

One sunny day, Kyla decided to go on a ship adventure.  The party was to do something or other and go somewhere or other... it really doesn't matter. Like all ships that leave Ravens Bluff to go anywhere, this ship crashed onto none other than... a rock!  Big shock, think module title.

That was not what went terribly, terribly wrong...

Kyla was on this ship with her best friend Ragnar, self-proclaimed god and owner of the Blue Dragon Mead Hall Inn.  At this point, Kyla trusted two people in the world: herself and Ragnar.

Looking for obvious things that could cause problems, the two of them investigated the storage room where they saw an almost unlimited supply of boxes... just sitting there - pretty suspicious, huh?

When coming back up top, they saw a cute, little, blond-haired child named Mayumi.
The next day, the blond-hair child disappeared; in her place was a grown woman who "claimed" to be Mayumi.  Confused, Kyla asked Ragnar how something like this could be!  He responded that this was obviously a doppleganger.  Failing her wisdom check, Kyla began to believe...

Ragnar told her the boxes below were POD PEOPLE!!! These doppleganging creations were taking over THE WORLD!!! They must watch out for these viscious, lying, corrupt individuals... they must DIE!!! Destroy! Destroy! Destroy!

As stated earlier, the ship crashed - an obvious sign that the doppleganger was trying to kill them for finding out her plot.
Then, on that desolate island, the creature produced a kitty hut for all the adventurers to sleep in...
more trickery!!!
Corrupt creatures attacked and vicious rains erupted!
These were clearly summoned by the doppleganger...

To say the least, Ragnar began to tell Kyla in every module that "the evil npc or thug" was a doppleganger.  Not knowing any better, she began to assume that all evil creatures are dopplegangers.

Moral:  If it's evil, it's a doppleganger.  Kill it.

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