Gooey Greyhawk Goodness IV

Towns near the southern border of the domain of Greyhawk City
are being ravaged by fire. Rumors of people exping into flames
abound while talk of a creature of black flame becomes
more common further east towards Safeton. The only link between
the burnt towns so far ia an old Raoan priest traveling towards
the eastern horizon with a small boy. No one has caught up with them
so far and even more strangely none have even dared to try to.
An adventure for characters level 3-12.

Concerned by stories of the resurfacing of the Isles of Woe,
Warnes Starcoat is sponsoring an expedition into the Brass Hills to
explore a site called the Zochal. According to the Nesser Opuscule,
only surviving fragment of a greater work attributed to Tzunk,
the Zochal is a echo point for the planar confluence that infuses
the once lost sunken isles. What does that mean? That is exactly what the
Circle of Eight wants you to find out. An adventure for characters level 1-12.
This adventure uses information presented in the Manual of the Planes.
It is helpful, but not necessary, to have access to that book during play.

The merchant Brendingund needs your help again.
It seems that his children have run away and needs someone
to bring them home. For characters levels 1-8.

When: September 2nd, 2002
Where: TBD
Cost: free!!!
Contact: Me

Event Winner
Echo: Cory Brosnan

Thankz to the judgez: Scott Buchan, Me, and Jason Myatt