Born to a modest merchant family, his given name was Kayarax.  He was given strict training in the art of crafting weapons and in line for being a cleric of the True Faith.  However, one day after returning from prayer he found his house ablaze. Apparently a few bandits burglarized his home & retreated in the cover of fire. He came to curse the name of Al'Akbar for not warning him; because he turned away from the True Faith friends and family riduculed him, causing him to become totally withdrawn.  Day and night he obsessed with crafting weapons that would be better than any seen in Ket.  He constantly contested wits of religion with the few unlucky enough to stumble upon him in his nite passings to pick up supplies.

After a few years he began to craft truly amazing weapons that became the envy of all his friends.  In searching for another genuine path to follow, he turned to Joramy, the goddess of fire, volcanoes, and quarrels.  For without the fire that destroyed his home he would not have turned to the craft that helped him regain his confidence; without her raging inferno, he could not mold his weapons of purest steel.  Hence, he changed his common name to The Eye of Chaos, for his true self was born of the fire & chaos that wracked the home of his youth.

Currently, he has left Ket to travel Oerth & spread the words of Joramy. However, much to the distaste of the people he adventures with, The Eye has chosen to channel negative energy. What better way to get obedient slaves? ;)

“Fire & Destruction. They go together like Peanut Butter & Jam.”
-Chris Tulach, Highfolk Triad Member

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