Destructive Death I

What trouble has been stirred up in the sands of Egypt?  Who is Hamid ibn Abdullah and why are the heroes being called to meet him in a small village near the necropolis of Dashur?  Has one of  the five pyramids of the necropolis at last revealed their secrets?  Or has something been freed to roam about the night?  This is the 5th adventure in the Pawprint Series and is set in the latter half of February 1895.  This adventure is for heroes of levels 1 through 13 only.  Retires 12-15-03.

It has been almost four years since the death of Carrados left the Society in a quandry regarding the identity of a number of informants in Egypt.  With both effort and some luck all but one have been found.  Howerver one is still missing.  The Gardenia of the East, may be the most important contact of them all.  A trip to the desert oasis may finally solve this puzzle.  But is any trip without danger, when you are traveling for the White Rose?  This is the 6th adventure in the Pawprint Series and is set in February of 1895 immediately following the adventure The Weighing of the Heart.  Playing these adventures in order is strongly recommended, but not a condition for success.  This adventure is designed for Heroes of levels 1 through 13.  Retires 12-15-03

A telegram asks you to visit the peaceful, but obscure Hopi Indians of Arizona Territory where their most precious treasures are being stolen.  The date is September 14th, 1895 and this is Spirit Warriors #3.  Heroes of levels 1-13 may participate.  The Living Death Campaign uses a new D&D version of the Masque of the Red Death rules. Retires 12/15/2003



When: December 2003
Where: TBD
  Cost: Free!
Contact: Me

Thankz to the judgez: Dave Santana and Me!