Crystal Day VII

Sent to Milwaukee in July of 1894, you are investigating a tycoon's misery.
For any level of hero.

Rushed out of Milwaukee, in July 1894 most hastily-almost in a panic.
You have never started a mission in this manner, but then what a mission.
Designed to closely follow Strange Brew, but it can be played independently.
Suitable for any level of hero

In May of 1894, the Society asks you to travel to Germany and investigate a
mysterious artifact that has come into the hands of a wealthy collector.
This is a  role-play intensive Living Death tournament that is suitable for
middle to high-level characters. This two round event must be played in
consecutive time slots with the same group of heroes and the same DM.

Christmastime in New England. And The White Rose has invited you to a nice
yuletide celebration in their usual vague fashion. But when the weather isnít the only
thing outside thatís frightful, the children are no longer snug in their bedsÖ

Something is afoul on a noble's country estate, and you have been tasked to
investigate the matter. A scenario recommended for characters levels 1-12

When: August 17th & 18th 2002
Where: TBD
  Cost: Free!
Contact: Me

Event Winners
Strange Brew: Rydia Q. Vielehr
Urgent Affiar: Chris Tulach
Memory Alone: Brian Martin & Phil Tobin
Yuletide Spirit: Alex Kiedrowicz

Thankz to the Judgez: Ben Harris, Me, and Scott Buchan!