Crystal Day IV

Ring around a rosie pockets full of poises ashes ashes all fall down!
A simple children’s song or an omen of things to come?
Or things that have already come to pass?
Find out as you attempt to investigate what may be a case of arson at the fair.
An adventure for heroes of all levels. Retires 12/15/01.

There is a wedding invitation in today’s mail.
Your presence is requested at a wedding ceremony in South Africa.
The bride’s name is familiar: you remember her from a previous mission for the White Rose.
Is this a social occasion or is the Red Death active once again?
This promises to be the social event of the season and socially adept heroes are strongly encouraged.
A one-round Living Death adventure for heroes of all levels.

A herd of garuda are trampling the jungle, heading straight for the village of the Rudra,
                and Bengoukee asks you, the heroes of Malatra, to stop them.
But how… now that’sthe strange part. An adventure for heroes of any level.

When: September 8th & 9th, 2001
Where: TBC
  Cost: $1/round
Contact: Me

Event Winners
White Wedding: Brian Martin

Thankz to the judge Skerrit! =)