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Talona's Time
I Feel So Alone
The Tale of Miguel the Master Slave Trader
An Answer
Death Stalks All
Dead Lights
Eyes of Death
Eyes of Demons
The Seducer
Mistress of the Black Jet
Deviwyvra, Bringer of Evil
A Match
The Moon
I Do So Willingly
Ray of Sunshine
Kill the Dream
Faded Shadows
Three Words
To Kill
Broken Glass
Amber Lights
Red Wine
Wispy Dreams
Mister Bulmahn


(from Dawning of a New Day)

Knights and squires will fall like clay
And then we can say what a wondeful day
The danger is here, of that there's no lie
Coming froma source that will make them all die

When she rises it will start the new age
Mystra, Torm, and Tyr are on the wrong page
While the iron is hot our plans must proceed
To further her goals and help her succeed

When the sun has set it will be too late
She has shown us that she will not wait
The happiness that we will all feel
Will be one hundred percent totally real

For the priests of the city
I can only feel pity
Their end is so near
On that we are clear

Devillars, DeMarke, Dayspring and Thoden
Oh how I pity the poor downtroden
It's with the greatest of glle
Lady Talona I do welcome thee

In order to make her rule absolute
Our mission begins wiht the golden lute
The others will all cower
Before Talona the ultimate power.

by Lady Deedlit Pektatreach Kailin

I feel so make believe
I feel so alone
Crowded people
Passing through my book
No one stops to take a look
At how I'm put together
I'm invisible
On the inside
No one cares
If i live or die
No one knows
If i laugh or cry
Who cares?
Which mask I wear?
Then he comes
From who knows where?
Feline eyes
Medusa hair
He picks me up
Begins my book
And wants to know
Why do I draw?
My fears for all?
My soul hanging
Upon some wall?
Why is my heart
In such a frame?
Do I dip my pen
In wells of pain?
He wants to know
How I feel
He is the one
That made me real.

by Lady Deedlit Pektatreach Kailin

Take care and lend thy ear
And all be warned, both far and near
All those who quest for pay
Should listen close to what I say
Those skilled with spells and swords
Should best steer clear of certain lords.
Give heed to one who knows
And never work for Piniagos.
Lest thee descend to Hell
Place not thine trust in Lord Miguel
If him thee lend thine aid
 For life and freedom be afraid
Liars, cheats and slavers employed in his mine
If thee take his contract thee shall rue what thee sign
A gnome named Dolin seems to be his evil-doing tool
Or Miguel is guilty just of being such a fool
Best not tempt chance
Trust not Miguel nor his sycophants
Instead, be on thine way
When in the Shining Jewel
Avoid a fate both harsh and cruel.
If my advice thee spurn
A lesson dire, prepare to learn.

by Ezrin

Destiny and fate...
Are they one in the same?
Or two different to ever be explained.

This is what is meant to be.
To defy it, is to deny yourself..

This is what will be.
To defy it, is to die.

But is not denying yourself and dying the same thing?

by Ezrin

everything you did lead you to this moment
everything you didn't took away from it.

by Ezrin

I say what I mean,
And I mean what I say.
What I say I live by,
And what I live by, I die.
I die by cruelty, suffering, and hate.

by Ezrin

Devious Death stalks ev'ry mortal soul,
To force upon them the ultimate toll.
He heeds the baneful bidding of Hades,
With no difference to the men or ladies.

Life once bountiful and blossomed with care
Of Aphrodite who blessed the blue air,
The bright birds never sung such, sweet songs,
Nor earth so without any woeful wrongs.

But Death brings his malignant flower,
To annihilate all life and power.
No mortal evades his steel-iron hold,
Nor ever escapes his frosty, chill cold.

~Men should always enjoy life's loveliness,
Before Death can steal its sweet, sweet caress.~

by Ezrin

I have seen the dead lights where Death reigns.
All the Light of life gone only Death remains.


I have tasted the drink of the dark, of the black.
Others have, too, felt the chill at their back.

The black figure presides over all.
Scythe in hand he stands tall.

I have felt the insanity, the terror, the fear.
To soul and mind they left no cheer.

Empty sockets of eyes glow without pain.
‘Round his neck, a silvery chain.

I have heard the cry of a thousand lost souls.
To never be relased, to never pay their tolls.

Bony finger points to each.
Forcing them within his inevitable reach.

Now I join these petty fools.
To be caught, snared, by death to be ruled.

Trapped in Hourglass with no way out.
He laughs and mocks at their futile shouts.

And I have been captured, by he, Death,
Who stole my last mortal breath.


I have seen the dead lights where Death reigns.
All the Light of life gone only Death remains.

by Ezrin

come look into the eyez of death if you dare;
into your soul hiz burning gaze will stare.
these ominous orbs wait only to tear,
away at your essence 'till all that's left is the bare-
nakedness of your mind, stunned and unaware.

come look into the eyez of death so old-
they see sacred secrets and know all legends foretold.
they burn a hole so hot and heavy it's cold.
all this just so he can manipulate and mold,
souls - strong and weak - into hiz dead gold.

come look into the eyez of death so he may rule-
your life and transfer its will to his jewel:
the ultimate item of hate, hurt, and cruel,
the strongest, most massive item of hiz pain pool,
which grants him the power to mock and fool.

come look into the eyez of death and never blink,
or the end will come, and your petty power will sink-
to the deadliest depths and the blazing brink-
of fire's fury faster than death can wink;
and nevermore will you rise, or breathe, or think.


EYES OF DEMONS  10-13-96
by Ezrin

The eyes of demons plotting chaos
With them, there is felt no loss...

     For innocents taken
     For lives corrupted

They glow & gleam in the shadowy moonlight
To go and scheme for the next deadly night...



"i am a venomous spider
with eight long lovely legs
each used to trap infinite victims
in my alluring acidic web of agony"

by Ezrin

his mocking sneer
and cold steel eyes,
the way his thieve's tongue
fabricates lies.
from ivory fangs
a warm fresh blood drips,
his lazurus tail curls
like a coiling whip.

by Ezrin

Mistress of the black jet 
Her soul set in its magic
Elements of evil follow her
Commanded by her every whim
A black cat her subservient pet
Though it may seem tragic
Surrounded is she, by will-o-wisps fur
And eternally followed by them



"Now I am here... in the nothingness. Dead -- never to roam the planet again.
To forever be haunted by the memories of my friends, and all who are gone because of me..."

by Ezrin

A cold dreary night
and the rain pours still,

'Tis enough to make a valiant knight
lose his iron will.

I wander among the acid drops
of misery and rain.

Each causing the vibrant earth
of Mother Earth to drain.

by Ezrin

Before all you gods & goddesses
stepped onto your pedastal...
You should have thought-
Thought about what stepping onto that pedastal brings:

Power, superiority... and cruelty.

by Ezrin

I do not fear torture for it must come to an end.
If it doesn't, still remember - the most excruciating pain bring the greatest pleasure.

I do not fear death for it comes to all.
'Tis said it's the beginning and not the end.

I do not fear darkness for i was born of it - a rogue with a silver tongue.

I do not fear anything but fear itself.

by Ezrin

you wish to kill me?
why...? revenge? the satisfaction of watching me die...?

but tell me, what is the point of killing someone who doesnt fear death?
it's like beating someone in a race who didnt try. there's no satisfaction to winning. it's all lost.

ha - in a way, if you kill me, I win...
for you'll never see the excruciating pain, the never-ending torment, etched on my stone-cold face.

you'll see my friends, family perhaps, weep at my loss.  but you see, not even that can hurt me.
suffering cannot break the heart of one who has killed their emotions, for they have no heart.

you took that away from me long ago, and that, my dear friend, can be your only satisfaction.

by Ezrin

noone can truly understand.

for if they did the idiocy, the pettiness,
the pure & utter insolence,
of everyone else would surely drive them insane.

perhaps this is what molds a psychopath.

they understood.
but it is too much to take.

by Ezrin

you say that in meditation you see what is most important to you.

i see nothing.

by Ezrin

do you hate? do you kill?
is it me that you want?

i simply tire of endless lies,
coverups, scams, 2-timing lies.

do you hate? do you kill?
is revenge worth yours soul?

petty mortal, insolent fool,
i strive not to be another one of your meaningless tools.

do you hate? do you kill?
or am i the one who sins?

ENVY  10-17-96
by Ezrin

I feel the storm coming for me...
Raging with the power of envy.

Lightning cracks
A bolt flashes

Rain pours down
Eternally crashes

Alll I see is the eternal blur...
Of blackening rain and clouds that once were.

by Renae Moondust

i told myself i'd never fall so hard... so far... so long...
into the depths of somethign that cannot be understood... grasped... or conquered...

yet it's power is so evident

it's shadowy hand reaching for me
intot he depths of my inner self
to crush my heart and hope and soul
in a mere second destroying all dear things i hold

i once sword to never love... to always hate... to always kill...
i'd live by it 'till the day i died... my soul released... my heart turned pure...

but then he came: a true bard of innocence
his song penetrated my soul and got to the very essence

lyrics light flint and tune like steel
they lit a flame that could never die

it's radiance so strong, it's illumination so bright
it would never flicker or fade at night

the flames of love
the flames of passion
they burned as strong as the famed red dragon

but alas

my vow not to love guarded my heart... warded his song... hid my soul...
the once inferno, died to a flame... faded to a spark... vanished into dust...

i felt my heart break and 'twas too much to take
my soul died and dissipated from this mortal world


now i am here... in the nothingness
dead: never to roam this world again
to forever be haunted by the memories of my beloved

all i have is a single match
but i have nothing to strike it upon


how am i still drawn to him?
how do i damn his soul?

THE MOON  12-97
by Renae Moondust

The moon rests in a state of pure solace,
Her silvery orb lying on a crystal sea.
All is peace and tranquility,
The heavens - a starlit palace.

Their radiance lighting the guilded tips
Of the ever-silent rushing waves;
With a single, sole, purpose to save
Man, from cold-hard reality's cruel whips.

Her pale, white majesty rises above all,
Her crown jewels - the glittering stars.
She sees no pain or wars,
And her greatness will never fall.

by Ezrin

everything i touch...

everything i see...
     whithers away.

everything i want...
     i destroy.

but why, why you...
i would take it all back,
but you'd still never look at me that same way.

i am cursed with a need
       cursed with a desire
       cursed to damn the soul of myself and you

you don't know me
you don't want to know me

your pain, your desire
i feel it too

i do not mean to hurt
but i do so willingly.

by Ezrin

one night
     one night of perfection
i had it... once...
give me back yesterday
     burn today
     forsake tomorrow
today is full of pain & wrong doings
tomorrow multiplies them a thousand fold

the past is perfection
     a picture in my mind
     every stroke in place
     not one illmixed color
     all purples and golds
     only perfection's hues

by Ezrin

i am broken
  fix me

i forgot love
  forgot hope
  forgot happiness
  forgot... trust.

mend it
give it back

take the pain away
the imperfect memory

make it all happiness
make it all gold like a ray of sunshine

save me
take me away

  to a beach
  a sunny gold beach

MEMORY 10-15-1
by Ezrin

there is always a reason i cannot have
  he likes her
  he lives there
  he loves noone save himself
  he likes him

  he hates me
  he hurts me
  he kills me
  he throws me away

i am nothing

save the one memory
  of beauty
  of perfection

erase that memory

by Ezrin

in my mind i have nothing...
all desolate space - all black void - all depths of emptiness...
save one memory, one true hope shining like a golden ray of sunlight.
it fills the depths with hope, longing, desire, pain, envy.
douse that sunshine - make it nothingness again.
i dont want to remember, dont want to dream, dont want to look Beauty in the eye.

it hurts.

it blinds me like a black flame.
i want to erase it all again.
keep myself cold, iron-hearted.
if my core is solid as steel, nothing can break it.
hammer away if yu like
but no chip shall fall, no block shall crumble, no crack will impurify its smooth surface.

kill the dream.
kill the pain.

There is a thing called desire: to want, to need, if only to have.
It is a burden, a pain inflicted upon you.
Once you taste a little, you desire more, to taste every detail, savour until its gone.

I have this desire, one that will never, no can never, be fulfilled.

DESIRE 4-14-2
by Ezrin

I desire one thing I will never have.

It is mentally, physically, tragically impossible.

I know how he feels: the man in the cage yearning for freedom,
the small child, staring through the glass window at a new toy.
I want to smash the glass, bend the bars...
but they are unbreakable, unbendable by any force.

I am consumed with this desire.
This all encompassing flame, it burns my soul,
leaving only the ashes to carry the rest of my physical form.

There is no hope.
There is no light.

There is only the dark flame...
pushing you further into your exile...
your desire.

by Ezrin

there is nothing beautiful left in this world.
all the beauty has faded away
all i can see is darkness.

no flashing lights, no crystal prisms, no blooming flowers
there are only faded shadows of things once beautiful
they are all dying, decaying before my eyes.

i want to remember.
i want to see beauty.
i want to grasp happiness.

by Renae Moondust

i have never deseired to hear those three words 'till now
   before i dreaded them
      shuddered at their utterance

i would give an eternity to hear them now

to touch him, is 
   to forget the world
      to be lost in a river
         with no beginning and no end

to stroke is hair, is
   to feel bliss
      to lose all cares
         and stop time forever

to look in his eyes, 
   his perfect flawless eyes, is
      to be lost in the nite sky
         dark and never ending

never take me back to the cold constraining bars of reality

leave me to illusions
   that he might be mine
      that on the tip of his tongue are
         those tender words...

let me be.
let me freeze this moment forever.
   may daylight never come
   may the minute hand never move
   may he stay locked in my embrace
all this, unless he is to speak those purest simple words.


TO KILL 9-7-2
by Ezrin

i know what it is to love...
i know what it is to hate...
and now
i will know what it is to kill...

by Fallen
it tastes like broken glass...
goes down like despair...

by Renae Moondust

a cool warm breeze
the scent of wet leaves
dimmed buildings line the horizon
their amber lights reflect off the glass of water

time stops
the rest of the world fades

the hazy glow of amber lights

spiraling into those amber lights
spiraling into eternity, those golden bee's nests
allowing you to be free


by Ezrin

I drink the red wine
   It slips down like acid
      burning but sweet
      warm - all encompassing
I can see it coating my insides
I can feel it becoming one with me
I... like... it...
      thick deep red
I remember that day
I remember
   So close we were, enveloped in each others arms
      let me
      let you
      control me as you see fit
      i am yours in every way
   Let the wine cloud our minds
      erase our sanity
   Let us be one with those lustful sins
   It is... entrancing...
      let it flow


DELUSIONS 12-13-02
by Fallen
Fallen from my artifical height
was never really there...
put back into my place
it hurts much more to know what i wanted,
but can never have.


by Fallen

i'm getting more sure by the second, 
but cautious all the same.
i'm hoping its how i see it,
but still fear the searing pain.
its only wispy dreams right now,
unable to be confirmed;
i've never wanted this badly before,
wishing to not get burned.
i say i want the answers,
i'm not really sure i do,
i fear they bring the falling again,
and i'd rather just be with you.

by Oscric Moorland

  Wait, oh yes, wait a minute Mister Bulmahn
Wait, wait Mister Bulmahn

Mister Bulmahn look and see
Is there some healing waiting for me?
I've been delving a long long time
And I can't climb out of this slime

There must be some way home
I can't find it, I'm all alone
Please Mister Bulmahn, look and see
Where's my party, where can they be?
I been delving since my party fled
So valiantly
The ether hulk and fiendish behir
They sent my party running in fear

Mister Bulmahn look and see
Is there a potion in your bag for me?
I've been delving, about to die
And I can use a Gaseous Form or Fly

 So many HP have left me now
I haven't the strength left to say "Ow!"
My sword is gone, I've only my dagger
And my movement is down to a stagger

So Mister Bulmahn look and see
Is there a Teleport in your bag for me?
I've been delving a long long time
And this TPK would be such a crime

You gotta wait a minute, wait a minute
You gotta wait a minute, wait a minute
You gotta wait a minute, wait a minute
You gotta check it and see, one more time for me
You gotta wait a minute, wait a minute
You gotta wait a minute, wait a minute
You gotta wait a minute, wait a minute
Please let me escape now, the sooner the better
You gotta wait a minute, wait a minute
You gotta wait a minute, wait a minute
You gotta wait a minute, wait a minute


BOXES 8-16-05
by Renae Moondust

i want to wrap you up and hide you in a little box.
i want you to be there forever so i know you're there.
   ...but i can't.
      you should be free
      fly away little one

   feather soft white bird
   wispy angelic wings
   like paradise in my hands

i hold you like cotton candy:
   too much warmth will crush you
   too much love will end you

   don't melt away
      but stay
   don't fly away

i look in those deep doe eyes - entrancing
it only takes one glance to know
   i'm tangled - lost
   i've fallen - gone
   trapped in those wat'ry orbs
   stuck in my own little box.

  ALIVE  2-23-06

i know now
i believe
i understand
i hope
i dream

this ring of purest gold
for you
be mine forever
but if not

take to wear
take to know
take to remember

even if you no longer love

all i ask is that you accept
let me give one last time

i want to watch a sunset
i want to watch a sunrise
i want to believe

nothing is right without you
a smile
a glance
a touch
a kiss

a life without you is a lie

i certainly dont deserve you
i deserve not you
i deserve to see you laughing, smiling, happy, with...

i should be happy
i should be happy that you are happy

but im not

i am selfish
i am cruel
i am alone

take whatever you want of me but please take
at least then part of me will be alive

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