Black Kat 2000.One Logo of Doom!
Black Kat 2000.One
June 2nd-4th
Milwaukee School of Engineering
1047 N. Broadway
Milwaukee, WI 53202
3rd Floor

Events Line-Up
Day Friday Saturday Saturday Saturday Sunday Sunday
Slot 1 2 3 4 5 6
Time 7 PM 9 AM 2 PM 7 PM 10 AM 3 PM
Event A Knight to Remember (LC) Eyes of the Raven
To Kill a Nightingale (LC) The Great Hunt (LJ) The Copycat (LC) Stoneheart (LC)

Event Descriptionz

A Knight to Remember
A disgraced Griffon Knight makes a dying plea for you to clear his name. Will you honor his request? An adventure particularly appropriate to knights.  Tiers 1-5. (Living City)

Eyes of the Raven
Bloody Fang series part 1. (Living City)

To Kill a Nightingale
The city of Procampur is filled with excitement as the Thultyrl of Procampur has finally consented to be married. Though many are still opposed of the union between Rendeth of the Royal Blood and the songstress Alissa Wyndsong, would some be so oppposed to commit murder? (Living City)

The Great Hunt
All the hunters are here, only the hunt remains. (Living Jungle)

The Copycat
While Glora Varra tries to rescue the Lord Marshal from a strange dimension, terrorstalks the streets. And who is this King of Thieves character? Get ready for
swashbuckling galore and maybe a little travel. (Living City)

A simple mission, picking peppers in the mountains for a halfling merchant. Who would have thought just picking them could give such bad heartburn.(Living City)

Event Costz

The cost for each game will be $4 (it'z only $3 if you're a member of MAGE).


All playerz should thank the super-cool judgez: Ben Harris, Barratt Moy, Michelle Palmer, Scott Buchan & Greg Dreher

Event Winnerz
A Knight to Remember
Scott Buchan, Michelle Palmer, Cory Brosnan

Eyes of the Raven
Jason VanBuren, Rydia Q. Vielehr, Hans Mentzen,
Mike Roberts, T.J. DeFranco

To Kill a Nightingale
Barratt Moy, Rydia Q. Vielehr, Dwain McCullough

The Great Hunt
Chris Tulach

The Copycat
Rydia Q. Vielehr

Barratt Moy, April VanBuren

Preregistration Form of Doom

Preregistration has closed.

Contacting ME!!!

For thoze of you who can't tell from the spelling of this page, this con iz organized by me, Rydia Q. Vielehr (aka chicken lady). I can be contacted many many wayz about the convention... try one of my million email addressez!!!

If you vizit this site, that meanz you're COMING to the con.
Don't make me stalk you all down...

cHecK ouT pRiZMaliTy at

Peace, Luv, and Insanity.

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